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Creating Opportunities. Expanding Horizons...

Sun Ceramic Sdn Bhd, is a Malaysian based company that was incorporated in the 1980’s to manufacture and market premium items, gifts and novelties from ceramic. Starting as a home-based industry that cater only to the local market, it has developed into an entrepreneurial company with its own manufacturing factories to meet the demands of a bigger market, guided by a bold business philosophy and strong determination.  Sun Ceramic Sdn Bhd is particularly well placed to face new challenges and to reach new horizons in the indusry.

When Excellence is The Standard, Nothing Else Compares...

Our quality products contribute to our existence. Our success is permanently tied to our commitment to quality. Consistent with our stringent work formulas we subscribe to standard procedures and are conscious of quality at all stages, including the initial development of raw materials, moulding manufacturing to marketing. This is simply because the keyword to our business philosophy is customer satisfaction.


Our products are produced in a quality conscious environment. They come from an energetic and participing workforce, utilising the best facilities in the industry to maintain the quality of our product, We do not rely on subcontractors we manufactured them in-house, using our own manufacturing and moulding facilities in Kuala Lumpur. Here , the clay is heated closed to melting point to ensure it can withstand extreme temperature scale. By doing so, the product will be able to retain their original textures and colours throughout the years to reflect a high degree of competitiveness in international markets.


We have also made innovative stride in ceramic design and pride ourselves in being the first to produce clocks, plaques, calendars and other unique novelties from ceramic. This clearly shows that we identify with our customer’s need, and are receptive in fulfilling them.


Growing with Malaysia, our products, in various forms, now find their way to Singapore, Brunei and the USA. With all the new challenges awaiting us, Sun Ceramic Sdn Bhd will further explore all possibilities to improve and  innovate its technology, capacity and products range to meet the growing demands of the market.


Striving for excellence with sights firmly on the future, Sun Ceramic Sdn Bhd will not content itself with past  successes. With vision, prudence and commitment, the Company will maintain its position as one of the leading ceramic producer in Malaysia.